We are Educational Therapists with 25 years experience in Cognitive Science;  Teaching students how to think, learn and do!

Our mission is to teach any student to be an effective and efficient learner and problem solver for the duration of their life–reaching beyond remediating your student’s current skills in reading, writing, and math.


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BellaMenti instills this Thinking and Learning paradigm in our students and their families by:

  • Building critical Learning Mindsets and Grit.
  • Drawing out current goals and values (overt and covert), and identifying longer range goals and values.
  • Integrating treatments of remediation and enrichment — far deeper than the weaknesses and strengths paradigm.
  • Facilitating self-knowledge, therefore self-advocacy to gain accessibility and accommodations without relying on the law.
  • Coaching the family on how to nurture, support, and respect the student-teacher relationships.
  • Helping students in Elementary, Middle, High School, College, as well as young adults in the work force.